If you are seriously considering landing a Walmart job in your home town, make sure you prepare yourself for every step of the process, and you'll have a distinct advantage over more than half of everybody else who is applying.

Regardless of where workers apply for jobs, the majority walk into an interview unprepared and they usually lose an opportunity to a more well-prepared applicant who's done their homework and made a better first impression.

It's true that, there are some people who may just get lucky and some who have connections to land a job quicker than the next person, but if you really want to stand out and drastically increase your chances of getting hired quickly, consider these tips:

1. Regardless of how the main website tells you to fill out a Walmart job application by visiting the WM of your choice, you know, the one where you picture yourself ten years from now as a store manager inviting your workers, family, and friends over for a barbecue every Sunday to watch football on your mammoth sized big screen TV (you'll be able to easily afford it by then)!

Wear neatly pressed clothes to your Wal Mart job interview and keep it conservative. This means only one pair of earrings (none of you are male), clean shoes (make sure they have no holes in them - you'd be surprised how many people wear tattered clothing to interviews), and walk right into the store asking for the Human Resources department.

Once there, introduce yourself, be personable and friendly, and politely ask to see the human resources manager. Inform this person you will be filling out a Walmart online job application and you would like to know how long it usually takes for a representative of the company to call you back once the application is completed.

Write down this person's name and contact telephone number, thank them for their time, and tell them you look forward to hearing from them soon.

It's important through this whole process to look natural and sincere in your approach. If you exude confidence in a friendly manner, you will already have an advantage over most applicants. First impressions are huge!

2. Do not sit by the phone for two weeks waiting for the call back from Walmart; this will drive you nuts and is counter-productive.

Instead, take a more aggressive approach and follow up exactly one week after you submit it if they haven't called you back yet. Ask for the human resource manager by name, and politely inform him or her over the phone that you wanted to make sure they received your application and that it is in their system. Also ask if he or she has any news or further information for you. This is no time to be shy or reserved in the way you speak!

3. If you don't hear from them within the next week, visit them in person, and continue maintaining contact every week until they give you an answer concerning your status.

Finally, the whole idea is to be persistent without being a pain in their rear! Remember, if you take a laid back approach without following up as described above, your chances of getting hired to a Walmart job go down considerably.

In the next post, I'll share some tips on how to make the most of your interview process so you can knock the socks off your interviewer and continue increasing your chances of getting hired fast!